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Monday, October 15, 2007

October Event at Burgundy Blue

It was another great event weekend at Burgundy Blue.... I am excited for the holiday season. Things are starting to get busy over here.

I only have 2 days open in October; Friday 19th and Saturday, October 20th. I also just added Saturday and Sunday, Thanksgiving weekend. So if you and your family are in town..come on over!

I will be working up until December 15th and then I am heading to Kentucky to visit my family for the holidays. I am so excited to go home because I haven't seen my family since last xmas. I will be heading to my second home, NYC for New Years.

Here are some of my fav pix from this weekend. A lot of people ask me if I sell them in color or black and white. I personally prefer the black and white but I also believe in giving people choices; so a I put a couple in black and white so you can see the difference! Enjoy!