Friday, March 12, 2010

Meet Daisy and Delilah: 5 weeks

I think a lot of you have seen the baby cocoons that I have been knitting the past month. I posted photos on my fan page. On super bowl weekend I was showing my friend Kari my baby cocoons and told her I was having the hardest time finding newborns. And that I just want to practice and see if these things will work for photos. Kari then told me she didn't just have one friend with a newborn but two friends and one of them just had TWIN GIRLS! Instantly I said, "ok call or facebook her right away"! So she did and last week I had the honor in meeting Daisy and Delilah and their parents Renee and Devon.

I arrived at their home with 3-4 bags in tow of props and camera equipment. After I got everything in the house Renee's mom point to the couch and said,"There they are, Daisy and Delilah". They were sleeping side by side sharing a boppie, that is how tiny they were. I think around 5-6 pounds each. Sweet little angels!!

I ended up spending almost 3 hours at their home switching out Daisy and Delilah in between naps and feedings. Daisy likes to sleep a lot and Delilah likes to wake up and look at your from time to time. Daisy and Delilah LOVED the knitted baby cocoons. They were snug as a bug in a rug in them; the perfect size! These two little ladies def made me run home to my husband and let him know I want a baby in the future.(but not yet) I do feel the baby bug for sure. How can you not from these sweet little ones.

Here are just a couple of my favorites.