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Monday, October 19, 2009

Welcome Baby Holden

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting the Thunell family at their home. They welcomed Baby Holden 2 months ago. When I arrived at their home Matt had everything laid out and ready to go. They had the bed covered with white blankets, hats, furniture ready to place Baby Holden in. He was so patient as we posed him in so many different ways. One thing we learned about Baby Holden was that he is not so thrilled about hats. BUT you can't tell in the photo because he looks as cute as can be! The last half hour he decided to go to sleep which was fine with us because it was time to take photos of him in the shelf.

I think the major highlight for me was when their puppy decided to jump in the photo shoot. I have loads of photos of Baby Holden by himself but the ones with the dog are to cute for words. I just love how you can plan something out but sometimes the things that aren't planned are the most fun and special.

Congratulation to the Thunell family!