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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Karen and Brad are Engaged: Louisville, KY

Meet Karen and Brad, two people you for sure want to meet. When I first reconnected with Karen it was when she was living in Orange County (we are old high school buddies). Naturally we thought that we would be shooting their engagement photos at the beach but over Christmas they both landed really great jobs in Louisville. This is where they both met over 7 years ago at Actors Theatre. Karen and Brad have now come full circle after meeting in Louisville, then living all over the country, and now back to Louisville.

I was in Kentucky shooting a wedding this summer so it worked out perfect to arrange a photo shoot with Karen and Brad. They are a dream couple, they live together, work together and you can tell they are so in love. It just radiates when you are around these two.

Big thanks to them for being into all my props and ideas for this photo shoot. I raided my moms basement and found all the vintage props. My moms basement is a gold mine (thanks mom). Karen and Brad have the perfect look for this vintage inspired photo shoot.

Congrats to Karen and Brad. I cannot wait to shoot your wedding photos!