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Monday, November 23, 2009

Wendy and Delaney and feeling pretty thankful!

This past weekend, Joe and I headed over to the west side to meet up with Wendy and her daughter Delaney. It was a breathe of fresh air for Joe and I since we live in Pasadena now. We had some time before the shoot and so we drove up the PCH. Wow what a beautiful drive.

When we met up with Wendy and Delaney, I had already chosen all the shots in mind for these two. Delaney was one of the sweetest and easiest little ones I have worked with in a while. We ran around and played all over the park! I love that she brought her magic wand and princess tiara. Let me tell you she knows some pretty cool secret spells too!

As I started to write this blog entry, an email came in from Wendy. We were finalizing her order and at the end of the email she said, "By the way, Delaney is standing next to me and she said "Mommy, I want you to say good night to Beth!" So, good night... from Delaney!" I thought that was so so sweet. Just another reason I feel blessed and so thankful for all the wonderful families I meet day to day. Happy Thanksgiving to each and everyone of you!