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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Valentine week: from the Disney Concert Hall to the woods in Pasadena

The past week has been so much fun with all the Valentine themed photo sessions. Here are two of my favorite sessions. The first session was shot at the Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles. I have been wanting to do a photo session here for years so when Jerilyn emailed to schedule the shoot here I was more than excited!

I waited by the box office for Jerilyn and her family with 12 balloons in hand. It was quite funny to see the looks that I was getting from people. Some tourist took photos of me, some people walked by saying, "oh look she is waiting for her Valentine." But the best comment I received was from the security guard at the Music Hall. He stopped and asked If I was selling the Balloons!! I said, "Do I look like a balloon saleswoman? No, I am waiting for my Valentine"!! He smiled and said, "Oh ok" and walked away".

Jerilyn showed up with her cutie pie 8 month old son and her sweet 1 1/2 year old little niece. These two are buddies for sure. You asked little Miss H to sit by her baby cousin and away she went. She loved giving him little kisses. The entire photo session they would just look and giggle at each.

The second photos were very special too....

It was Mr. Finn's 3rd birthday. Yes, that is right Finn was born on Valentine's day. It doesn't get much better than that. I showed up at his house greeting him with, "Happy Birthday!! Are you ready for an adventure today"? He replied, "YES"!!!

Joe and I went all out for Finn. We made the Birthday banner and car.  All the other props are courtesy of my moms basement. Finn helped us set up everything so it was perfect. Then I handed him a cupcake and we have the best picnic/ birthday/ valentine photo session ever!

A couple joggers saw what we were doing and yelled out "Awe, Happy Birthday buddy"!! It made Finn smile so big! The best part was Finn's mom got the biggest surprise when she got home. Jen had no idea what we were doing!! Thanks again Jen for letting me, "do my thing"!!

I love making props and setting up scenes. I think it is the best part of being a kid.. using you imagination. If you like the props stay turned we have more up our sleeves so let us know if you would like a custom prop photo session! The sky is the limit when you use your imagination!