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Thursday, March 31, 2011

St. Patricks day baby: Sophie has arrived folks!!

Sara's husband called me just 5 days after little Sophie had entered the world. Sophie decided to come 2 weeks early. That would be March 17th, St. Patricks Day. Well this cute family did get lucky for sure that day because they got baby Sophie!

I had photographed Sophie's big sister, Madison last summer. When I arrived I am pretty sure she remembered me. I can't forget her because she always has a cute smile on her face. Madison was waiting for me at the door. I looked at her and then looked at baby Sophie and said, "Wow they are twins". That's right Sophie and her big sister look like twins, It is uncanny.

I towed in all my props and backdrops and set up in Madison's room. I am not sure what she thought about me taking over her room. She kept coming in and out singing songs with me, grabbing a book or two, or to just have a little cuddle with mom and Sophie.

Sophie was awake for the entire time. She didn't want to sleep through her first photo session!! Below are just a few of my favorite moments of the day.....

Look at her laying in her Father's hand and arm. I love how bright eyed and comfy she is. So Tiny!