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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Wild Flowers are out! Time for hiking and photo sessions.

Remember the last 2 weeks? Rain one day, cloudy the next? I was starting to feel like I had moved to Portland. It makes is hard when planning a photo session outdoors. Kristin and I had rescheduled at least 2 times because of weather. I even emailed her the Friday before our photo session to say, "Looks like big rain on Sunday. Are you free in Saturday"? She and her family were and I was so happy. I met them on some trails in Sherman Oaks to do our photo session. We really couldn't have asked for a better day. The sky was lined with rows and rows of puffy clouds (photographers dream) and everything was so green because of all the rain we had. My favorite part of this time a year is when the wild flowers come out. They were out alright bundles of yellow flowers all a long the trail.

Little Logan just turned one last month. You would think he was a lot older the way he walks and talks. He was all over the trails, checking out the flowers, grass, anything new. Such a fun little guy!

I loved getting out on such a beautiful day after weeks of staying in because of the rain. It was also wonderful to spend the afternoon outside with such a fun loving family. Thanks you guys!