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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Lee Family: Pasadena, CA

Jason emailed me earlier in the week from work in NYC. He wrote that he will be in town over the weekend and wanted to get family and 1 year milestone photos of his son.

It was Joshua's first professional photo session but as you can see in the photos; he was a natural. I arrived at their home and Joshua was still sleeping. I grabbed a couple sleeping shots and then when he woke up he looked at me as if we were old friends. He was so still and happy. I had Jason and Maggie jump into bed with him for a family shot. It was a perfect moment and perfect light.

After he woke up a bit we got him dressed. Then we headed to the living room so he could show me how he can stand and walk around the couch. When we were done cruising around the living room we went outside. They live right by the Pasadena Auditorium. While I have never been inside I have always driven by and admired the beautiful architecture.

It was a perfect afternoon and thanks to mother nature she held off on the rain that day. Happy 1st Birthday, Joshua! I am so happy I got to document this special milestone in your life.