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Friday, June 17, 2011

The Frawley's: Happy Father's Day

I would say, "Meet the Frawley's" but you already have several times if you have been to my website. You will see photos of this beautiful family from the last 4 years. They were one of my first clients that I met when I started doing photo events at Burgundy Blue back in early 2007. Ayden was about 3 and Tyler was about 5 months when I first met them. These two have been best buddies since I have known them and now they have a little brother, Dane. He is just as sweet and full of personality as his brother and sister. If you want Dane to smile all that you have to say is, "Dane, teeth" and he will smile for you.

I wanted to make a special Father's Day gift for James so I got the cardboard, fancy paper and paint out to make this special sign for the kids to hold. I knew I would not have a problem getting them to hold the signs for me. Instantly, they sat down and gave me their best smiles for dad! Thank you to the Frawley family for being so wonderful and loyal to me over the years!

Happy Father's Day to all the great Father's out there. Have a great weekend!!!