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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Karen and Brad are now hitched; Louisville, KY

Remember these two stylish cuties from their engagement shoot last year? I was so honored when she told me that she wanted me to come back to Louisville and do an "after wedding" photo session. They got married last fall when they went on a cruise with their families. Then they had a wonderful wedding party in Louisville that unfortunately I was not able to attend. Karen saved all the details from the wedding party and brought them along for the photo session. She knows how much I love the details.

On the day of the shoot we were all worried it was going to rain. I kept saying, "Mother Nature, just don't rain for the shoot and then you can rain all you want"! It was raining when we met up and all the way until we got to the photo location in Achorage, KY. (small town outside Louisville) I said, "We are really lucky and I feel so blessed for this weather. I mean really the rain just stopped for our shoot"! About 10 minutes after I drove away from the shoot, it started to rain again.

Karen and Brad are so in love and it just beams around them and certainly shows in the photos. They are so fun and are always up for anything that I suggest. Even as far as hopping a broken fence and risking getting spiders, ticks, or mosquito bites for a shot.

Congrats to Karen and Brad! A special thanks to my mom for going thrifting with me for hours to find all the great props in the photos (also props from her basement). A very special thank you to mother nature for not raining; I owe you one! 


Carrie Bryden June 23, 2011 at 2:59 PM  

Oh my goodness these are gorgeous.