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Monday, August 22, 2011

Henry is 1!! Caterpillar Kids Place: La Canada, CA

I first met the Kim Family a couple years ago when their oldest son, David was turning 1. We met at my old studio to do his formal shoot and then again at his Dol. David is on my website sitting in the fall yellow leaves looking adorable as ever on the day of his Dol.

Last June, baby Henry arrived and for the last year I have been documenting his life. Newborn, 100th day and now his formal shots plus 1st bday party.

This year the party was at Caterpillar.  If you haven't been their yet and live nearby I suggest going. It is clean, well organized and has a great staff. They have wooden jungle gym, a bouncing house, every toy car and dress up costume a kid could ask for. The babies and kids were all having a great time.

When it was cake time Henry was READY! He went for it like I have never seen a kid go for their first cake. It was all over EVERYWHERE, his face, hands, hair, the floor. It was priceless!! Check out all of Henry's cute buddies that came to celebrate his 1st birthday.

A week later The Kim's came over to my house for a private studio session to get the formal images taken. There are loads of cute ones but the one of Henry and David was my absolute favorite. They are really sweet with each other and you can tell they LOVE each other.

The Kim's broke the news to me a while ago that they would be moving at the end of July. I was so sad to hear it but then they told me it was just to San Diego. Kali asked if I would travel because she couldn't replace me and I teared up a bit inside. In my line of work that is the best compliment you could ever hear from a client. (I of course said, "are you kidding? Yes")! So until we meet again in San Diego Kim Family!! xoxo