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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Baby Caden at 6 days old: Santa Monica, California

Remember Baby Brooklyn? Well this could possibly be her future boyfriend. (No, I am only kidding) Brooklyn's mom, Becky referred me to the Minniear family. The Minniear's are just as sweet and welcoming as Brooklyn's family.

We had plenty to chat about but I was really excited to learn that they both went to IU (Indiana University). That is where my cousin lived and sister graduated from not the mention tons of my friends did too. So when I saw that they had an IU hat for Caden to wear I was so happy!

Caden was bright eyed for half the shoot and slept at the end; the perfect baby model. One of my favorite moments of the shoot was when we finally got him to sleep on his belly naked and his parents paused and at the same time said, "AWE" and then Caden's dad said, "fills my heart". One of the best things I love seeing is proud new parents!

Thank you for having me to your home. Maybe we should do a play date shoot with Brooklyn and Caden!?!? ;)