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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Little Leo at 6 days old: Los Feliz, California

Congrats to Lisa and Lenny on making the cutest little guy. I met Lisa from Joe (my husband) a few years ago. Joe and Lisa have been friends for years. They even lived in Taiwan at the same time when they were kids but didn't know each other. Lisa went to the American school while Joe was at the Taiwanese school across the street. Weird huh?

Lisa is also my husbands first closest friend in LA to have a baby. So when we heard the news that she and Lenny were expecting we were over the moon. Lisa and Lenny are such a laid back, fun loving couple and it shows through their sweet Leo. Not once did he cry or anything during his photo session. He even opened his eyes from time to time to look into the camera. It was great to be able to move throughout their home to get numerous different looks. I have only listed a few but I had to show you the one with the baby newborn crown I made and his baby sunglasses. He is only 6 days old and already so hip. We will look forward to watching you grow up little Leo. Joe cannot wait to meet you! Congrats again! xoxo